Sold at Cafe Press, Far Out Shirts is class all the way with this clever (and not too subtle) reference to the cult movie of a generation of white collar workers Office Space.  Sure $20 may be a little steep for this gem but that depends on how much you love either Jennifer Aniston or the new generation of white collar workers. Your call!

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Anton Petrov over at Threadless has some really sweet designs including the above “Unicorn.” He appears to use a minimalistic approach to color for maximum effect and the effect is both humorous and pretty sweet. The color of the shirt itself is really appealing as I typically don’t find yellow to combine well with most images (I think that’s just a personal preference).

 Check out his other stuff too!


Just came upon some great statement tees at Scenery Apparel and I have to say they are some of the more simplistic yet inspired tees I’ve seen in a while. I was especially taken with the “Camera” Men’s Tee pictured above.

 Scenery states it “is influenced by our culture. What we do, what we see and what we think affect the scenery of the 21st century. Be it bad or good, the powers of observation give us the resources to make a statement.”

The statement seems to be bold, in your face but simplistic with nice lines and a complex statement in a basic medium.

 Well played Scenery!

Express Yourself

Just stumbled upon a beautiful new shirt from Imaginary Foundation. The piece is called “Express Yourself” and is tagged “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.” This beautifully simple idea translates perfectly to the wonderful image of a man painting what could be a waterfall, a cosmic explosion or any other number of explosively brilliant expressions.

The almost dreamscape idea of the shirt really compliments the idea behind it and the size of the canvas on the shirt, stretching up to the shoulder, showers the shirt with depth and perspective. Truly wonderful work.